Advocacy News

2020 Oregon Legislative Session

ODHA supported the following dental-related bills during the 2020 Oregon Legislative Session:

  • Senate Bill 1549 did not move out of the Senate Health Committee. This bill would have created a licensed dental therapist for Oregon. The committee members expressed support for the concept of a dental therapist, but they had many questions about the bill related to educational requirements and scope of practice. Committee Chair Laurie Monnes Anderson is putting together a work group that will clarify these issues and recommend changes to the bill for the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session.

  • Senate Bill 1550 

    did not pass. This bill would have allowed expanded practice dental hygienists to perform interim therapeutic restorations (ITR) per an agreement with a licensed dentist. This bill is based on Dental Pilot Project #200 where EPPs are providing IRT for children in schools who do not otherwise have access to dental care. The Senate passed this bill unanimously, but it was still waiting for a floor vote in the House of Representatives when the legislative session ended. This bill will likely be introduced again for the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session.