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License Portability and the DDH Compact

What is license portability?

License portability allows a person with a license in one state to be authorized to practice in another state. Traditionally, dental hygienists have needed to obtain and maintain a license in each state where they want to practice. License portability will allow dental hygienists to practice in other states without obtaining additional licenses.

 What is an interstate compact?

An interstate compact is a legal, legislatively enacted contract between two or more states that can allow states to create reciprocal professional licensing so that a person with a professional license in one state may practice in another state without obtaining an additional license.

  What is the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact?

The DDH Compact is an interstate agreement that will provide a pathway for dentists and dental hygienists to obtain authorization to practice in states where they are not already licensed.

The DDH Compact will allow a dentist or dental hygienist who has a license in one participating state to apply for compact privilege in another participating state. The compact privilege will allow the dentist or dental hygienist to practice in the other participating state without needing to obtain a license in that state.

The Council of State Governments ( partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) to develop this new interstate compact.

The CSG has developed model legislation that must be enacted by at least 7 states before the DDH Compact can go into effect. No substantive changes can be made to the language of the model legislation, or it may jeopardize that state’s participation in the DDH Compact. Only states that enact the legislation may participate in the DDH Compact. Iowa, Washington, Tennessee & Wisconsin have passed this legislation, and legislation is pending in several other states.

  Where can I find more information about the DDH Compact?

The best source for information about the DDH Compact is their website: The website includes a variety of educational resources about the DDH Compact.

 What can you do to support the DDH Compact legislation for Oregon?

  • Be well informed about the DDH Compact.
  • Review the Educational Resources & other information on the DDH Compact website.
  • Share the DDH Fact Sheet with your colleagues, stakeholders & legislators.
  • Contact your state legislators to ask them to support this legislation.

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