Strategic Plan

Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association
Strategic Plan 2022-2023


ODHA is committed to providing advocacy, professional development and networking opportunities for dental hygienists and the dental hygiene profession.


ODHA is a community where all dental hygienists can find engagement, inspiration and empowerment.

Goals & Objectives 

  1. Advocate for the dental hygiene profession.

    • Hold 2022 Advocacy workshop in a virtual format.
    • Recommend a dental hygienist to fill vacancy on Oregon Board of Dentistry
    • Monitor rulemaking process for dental therapy law.
    • Pursue allowing dental hygienists to administer Botox
    • Pursue allowing dental hygienists to administer vaccines
  2. Promote professional development and leadership.
    • Offer a virtual scientific symposium in May 2022
    • By 2023, full leadership for each component with a mentee
    • Produce Spring Leadership Development Workshop - one for professionals (April) and one for students (March; at night and not on a Saturday)
    • Feature members and leaders in newsletter
    • More Student engagement activities - quarterly - considering travel concerns
    • New Grad Program - resources - job search and other (July), panel
    • Expanding vision of academic future with Master program options
  3. Provide support and networking opportunities.
    • Bi-Annual social events produced by components - more active activities
    • Gift of Membership - graduation gift, gift from families
    • External Outreach to RDH - New - Lunch and Learn at Dentist’s Office - Take an RDH to Lunch Day - Surprise Squad - Nominate your Favorite Hygienist
    • Creating a bridge between Student/New Grad and their membership - congrats on your graduation, communication and engagement plan - component commitment to supporting the transition
  4. Enhance organizational effectiveness.
    • Create tools to help component leaders fulfill their roles
    • Build infrastructure for members when they take on new roles and projects within the association (timelines, tools, orientation, handbook)
    • Investigate additional sources of revenue.