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Receive Membership Benefits in Three Organizations!
When you join ODHA you automatically become a member of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) and a local dental hygiene component. You will be a member of your professional association on the national, state and local level. You will receive the membership benefits all three organizations.

Participate in Professional Education & Events!
ODHA offers an annual dental hygiene conference in the fall, as well as other professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference
This conference is held in the fall of each year and includes 2 days of continuing education, networking, exhibits, association meetings and social events. The Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference is designed for all dental hygienists including students, educators, clinicians and dental hygienists in expanded practice.

Enjoy networking and recognition! 
ODHA membership builds an identity for you and for the dental hygiene profession. We develop, support and empower our members to advance their careers through networking opportunities and awards programs.

Develop Leadership Skills!
ODHA membership provides you with unique opportunities to develop leadership skills that will benefit you in all areas of your life. ODHA sponsors a leadership workshop in the summer each year and leadership development activities throughout the year.

Support Advocacy Efforts!
ODHA has a very active Government Relations Council and professional lobbyists who work in collaboration with other organizations to advance oral health care in Oregon. All dental hygienists in Oregon benefit from these efforts to protect and expand your scope of practice and increase patient access to your services. And ADHA’s Government Affairs Division works to promote the interests of dental hygienists on both a national and state level.

Use our Online Career Center!
ODHA/ADHA are excited to offer members an Online Career Center. ODHA/ADHA members will be able to view current position openings and post their own resume for potential employers to view. ODHA members have access to information and templates on state licensing authorities, as well as resume writing and contract templates.

Access Professional Publications and Online Resources!
ODHA members have exclusive access to professional publications and online resources. ODHA members receive all ADHA publications, as well as ODHA newsletters and email alerts.

Receive Valuable discounts!
ODHA members have access to discounts on insurance programs including professional liability, disability, major medical, home, life and auto. ODHA members can receive discounted rates at over 4,000 hotels around the country, a free discount pharmacy card, discounts on scrubs and more.

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Think of it! You can receive all of this and more for what is often the wages of just one day’s work.
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