Dennis Muir Scholarship and Awards of Excellence


Mission: To financially support dental hygiene students who exhibit scholarship, leadership, compassion, ethical standards, and community service. 

The Dennis Muir Scholarship Award began in 1990 in honor of Dennis Muir, a longtime supporter of preventive oral healthcare and community volunteerism. During his long working career with Proctor & Gamble, and in his retirement, Dennis has been involved in community service. This scholarship has been established and primarily funded by donations and sales of license mats.

To be eligible for the Dennis Muir Scholarship, the applicant must be an Oregon resident, a first year dental hygiene student attending an Oregon program, and have at least a 3.0 GPA at the completion of the first term/semester of their dental hygiene program.

Applicants are evaluated on their scholarship, leadership, compassion, ethical standards, community service, and communication skills.

One Scholarship is presented each year at the ODHA Annual Meeting. The top applicant from each school not receiving the Dennis Muir Scholarship will be presented with an Award of Excellence.

Scholarship applications are available from your Program Director or Student Advisor the first week of April of your first year.  If you have questions you may email [email protected].

Donations of support for the Dennis Muir Scholarship and Awards are always welcome and can be sent to:

Dennis Muir Scholarship Committee
10631 SW 64th Dr.
Portland, OR 97219

This scholarship and Awards of Excellence are also partially funded by the sale of license mats (pictured below) and can be purchased at local conferences and/or via mail with the Mail Order Form

Committee Members:  Sue Sanzi-Schaedel - Chair, Mary Lou Potter, Robin Nobis, Heidi Jo Grubbs, Barb Mardock, Linda Muir Olson, Current ODHA VP

Dennis Muir Templates: 

Customize your mat with photos, work, school, or favorite sports team logo. Templates for the majority of the local hygiene and dental schools have already been created and can be requested via email to [email protected].

RDH - ODHA Template   |    EPDH - ODHA Template 

Dennis Muir Scholarship Recipients

2023 - Karey Mesa, Lane Community College and Estivali Carrillo, Pacific University
2022 - Kaila Shaw, Lane Community College
2021- Sriteja Panumatcha- Pacific University
2020 - Bree Oreskovic, Lane Community College and Silvia Santellano, Pacific University
2019 - Breanna Johnson - Lane Community College
2018 - Allyson Mastrude - Pacific University
2017 - Grace Noda - Pacific University
2016 - Hannah Wieber - OIT at ODS
2015 - Rachel Broderick - Pacific University
2014 - Crystal Miller - Portland Community College
2013 - Franklin Nguyen - Pacific University
2012- Ann Archer - Pacific University
2011- Amanda Bollinger - Pacific University
2010 - Kyle Johnstone - Pacific University
2009 - Kate Currans - OIT at ODS
2008 - Emanuela Crisan - Mt Hood HCC
2007 - Pema Sherpa - Portland Community College
2006 - Dennine Walker - Mt Hood CC
2005 - Ronna Murillo - Portland Community College
2004 - Kirsten Kleinsmith - Mt. Hood Community College
2003 - Kimberly Dayton - Lane Community College
2002 - Wei Tain - Mt. Hood Community College
2001 - Angel Waddill, Mt. Hood Community College
2000 - Cami Vader - Portland Community College
1999 - Loretta Lee - Lane Community College
1998 - Tara Eng - Oregon Health Sciences University
1997 - Laura Buckley - Oregon Health Sciences University
1996 - Connie Sheflin - Portland Community College
1995 - Nga (Kitty) Le - Portland Community College
1994 - Beth Amos - Oregon Health Sciences University
1993 - Estelle Crabb - Portland Community College
1992 - Carol Shuck - Portland Community College
1991 - Coletta Beckner - Portland Community College
1990 - Robin Woods - Lane Community College

Dennis Muir Awards of Excellence Recipients                                                                                                                                                         


Sophia Pakhnyuk, Mt. Hood Community College

Heather Wilson, OIT - Chemeketa Campus

Chloe Duncan - Portland Community College


Alexander Cuarteros, Mt. Hood Community College

Sydney Ibarra, OIT - Chemeketa Campus

Michelle Fairchild, OIT - Klamath Falls Campus

Maria Almonte, Pacific University

Tabassum Shahid, Portland Community College


Laurisa Seaman- Lane Community College
Maria Saleh- Mt. Hood Community College
Naomi Shoji- OIT at Klamath Falls
Eve Bennett- Portland Community College

Courtney Bielawski. Mt. Hood Community College

Gina Moua - OIT at Klamath Falls
Emily McClain - Mt. Hood Community College
Catherine Reynolds - OIT at Chemeketa

Mayra Rocha Ramos - OIT Klamath Falls
Cecilia Bustamante - Mt. Hood Community College

Jordan Yechout - OIT at Chemeketa
Jessica Barron - Portland Community College

Junifer Muir - OIT at Klamath Falls
Colleen Bailey - OIT at Chemeketa
Amy Bell - Pacific University
Nareen Hassan - Portland Community College

Dusty Lawellin - Lane Community College
Micaela Derrer - Mt. Hood Community College
Kaela Shenk - OIT at Chemeketa
Nha Truong - OIT at La Grande
Brittany Lindgren - Portland Community College

Paula Haemi Lee - Mt. Hood Community College
Florinda Paz - OIT at Chemeketa
Melissa Woodmansee - OIT at La Grande
Hailey Totorica - OIT at Klamath Falls
Andrea Audritsh - Pacific University

Tessie McDuffie - Carrington College

Baily Lapp - Portland Community College
Karla Dettwyler - OIT at Chemeketa
Linsay Kay McCullough - OIT at Klamath Falls

Evelin James - Portland Community College
Talisa Elizabeth Taylor - OIT at Klamath Falls

Sara Updegraff - Portland Community College
Whitney Bevell - Mt. Hood Community College
Amanda Alice Bedard - OIT 

Annette Gentils - Lane Community College
Beniamin Muresan - Apollo College
Janelle Warner - OIT at Klamath Falls
Jessica Neitch - Portland Community College
Elisabeth Whiting - Pacific University

Mya Tran - OIT at ODS
Amanda R. Warner - OIT at Klamath Falls
Yelena Svintsitskiy - Portland Community College

Cameronn Carpenter - OIT at Klamath Falls
Ashlee Trueb - Lane Community College
Leanne Bradley - Mt. Hood Community College

Amy Martini - Portland Community College
Karen Thompson - OIT at at Klamath Falls
Mary Ann Wren - OIT at ODS

Emily Rose Miller - Lane Community College
Renee Colwill - Mt. Hood Community College

Tamara Bohnstech - Lane Community College
Virginia Mattfeld - Portland Community College

Jacki Burkhart - Mt. Hood Community College
Yelena Nikitko - Portland Community College
Heidi Jo Grubbs - Portland Community College
Lindsey Davis - OIT at Klamath Falls

Lynn P. Nghiem - Portland Community College
Jennifer Green - OIT at Klamath Falls
Heather Lindley - Oregon Health Sciences University
Chen Alley - Lane Community College

Cindy Anderson, Portland Community College
Katie Paul - Oregon Health Sciences University
Teresa Voreis - Lane Community College
Cheryl, OIT

Natasha Olds - Lane Community College
Carrie Ann Hoover - Mt. Hood Community College

Kariena Turner
Liliya Ignashova - Oregon Health Sciences University
Dana Villaarreal - OIT at Klamath Falls
Leslie Pullen - Portland Community College

Beth Prince, Lane Community College 
June Green, OIT 
Annette Drehobl, Portland Community College   

Malia Band - Portland Community College
Linda Rhodes - OIT at Klamath Falls
Toni Greene - Lane Community College

Ragan Mehlorn - Oregon Health Sciences University
Lisa Tomlinson - Portland Community College
Debra Marie James - OIT at Klamath Falls
Summer Teeny - Mt. Hood Community College

Information Not on File

Laureen Janel Greenhalgh - Portland Community College
Valerie Lee Ann Lynch - Lane Community College
Deborah Kling - Mt. Hood Community College
Sheri Jo Walters - OIT at Klamath Falls

Jennifer Delonge - OIT at Klamath Falls
Terri Anderson - Oregon Health Sciences University
Jennifer Rathjen - Mt. Hood Community College

Wendy Eichman - Oregon Health Sciences University
Rosa Lyons - Mt. Hood Community College
Tamara Berqmmann - Lane Community College
Jean Louise Hauser - OIT at Klamath Falls

Awards of Excellence began in 1992

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